EZPZ Baby Books

locally made, handcrafted baby books

We are a new Edmonton startup creating locally made, handcrafted baby books with just the perfect dash of whimsy. We cater to a vast audience, from new parents wanting to by that special album that encompasses just the right combo of text and photography, to grandparents, friends and family members all wanting to buy the special expecting people in their lives that unique gift that is sure to be loved and cherished. Our users wants to capture all the memories that coincide with baby’s first year, but, sometimes knowing where to begin or what to say is the hardest part. When it comes to baby books, and what to record, people seem to appreciate a little guidance. EZPZ baby books provides users with thoughtfully prepared questions and photo spaces to help get them started as they look to create a book of memories that they will look back at for years to come. It’s amazing how quickly one can forget the little details – we just want to help preserve those memories.